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Do's for Good Dental Health
Don'ts for Good Dental Health
Do not eat sweet and sticky foods today, leave them for tomorrow.
Eat leafy vegetables, fruits and fibrous diet everyday, and keep the dentist away.
Brush properly after every meal, it is necessary for the survival of Brush-Paste companies.
Be bold enough to face your dentist at least six monthly
Keep your nose out of others business.
Chewing Tobacco, Gutka, Beetel nuts, snuffing and smoking may lead to submucous fibrosis or Leukoplakia. These act as an escort to the den of Demon cancer.
Love your teeth, they make you lovable.
Control the habit of eating each and every time, otherwise, when will you work?
Protect your teeth, before they get knocked out.
Prevention is always better than cure, if you can not prevent a disease, how will you handle it?
A dentist is the only man who can tell a woman when to open and close her mouth.
Whenever you visit a dentist keep in mind that Final Decision making Authority – whether a dental procedure is to be done or not to be done – lies   with you only.
Brushing of inner surface of your teeth is equally important as this surface also belongs to you and not to your neighbors.
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