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During my recent visit to India I had an awful pain in one of my upper teeth. I was told about a nearby dental facility, Smile Care Centre by one of my local friends. Centre was located in posh locale and was run by some Dr. Surinder Kumar, a retired dental officer from Indian Army. First he listened to my problem patiently and then did the thorough check-up. A root canal treatment was required. I was quite a bit worried because I was going to marry the next very day. He calmed me down and started the job. Needless to say the pain disappeared like anything. Work was completed in two visits. I was very much relieved and impressed. Now, I will get the tooth covered with a dental cap during my next visit; ofcourse, from none other than Dr. Surinder Kumar.
Virginia ( U.S.A. )
It was some four or five years ago, when I first entered Dr. Surinder Kumar’s operatory, I was a little bit worried about the facilities available and expertise of the dentist. But the place was very neat and clean. I was told to change the shoes in the waiting area and the rest has become a memorable history. I had two discolored & painful upper front teeth. They were treated in such a fine way that even I myself have forgotten that anything was done to them. They look quite natural.

Now, Dr. Surinder has become something even more than our family dentist. Whenever I happen to go to India. I do spare time to visit him and get the servicing done of my teeth, in his state of the art set-up. His Smile Care…… worth of its name. I wish him all the success.
(Toronto, Canada)
Cell : 001-416-886-0666
Feb. 10, 2008

(Maj J.P. Chahal)
Officer Commanding
Fd. Wksp. Coy. EME
Jan. 15, 2008

Dr. Surinder Kumar is an excellent dentist. I have been in his care for two years. Last year he replaced a crown for a molar tooth. The work was done efficiently in his state of the art, clean facility and I have been totally satisfied with the outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Kumar.

Baljit Singh, MD
Associate Professor,
New York University, New York, NY
Jun. 17, 2006

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